Official SETI@home Keeper page

About the program

SETI@home Keeper 2.1 is a program for easier SETI@home units computing and managment.

Here are some screenshot from the program:

This is thefirst page where the units can be inserted into the Keeper. You can also see the current state of units and their direct path.

The second page below shows the current progress of the each unit and mainly you can control each unit with Play, Stop and Pause button.

The last screen shows Options page. Here you can set everything about Seti Keeper (of course, only in registered version). For example, you can start Seti Keeper at Windows start up using Start together with Windows tick. You can manage the units computing using the context menu from the system tray.

Note: Remote control is still under development, so in this version you may find some bugs. We'll be very glad if you send the message about it.

What to do to get the unit processing working ?

1. Download the Seti@home command-line client (current version is 3.08) from the following address:

2. Start the Seti@home client and register, then close the client, if it is still running

3. Copy files user_info.sah into some directory, where you want to store units. If work_unit.sah exists, then copy it also, it is your first workunit. If you have registered our monitoring client and you want to process more units, then copy user_info.sah to some other directory.
Example: Just registered and I have files work_unit.sah, user_info.sah in the directory where I executed the client. So I create a directory C:\Program Files\Seti@home. Because I want to process more units, I create directory Unit 1 and Unit 2 in the directory above. In Unit 1 directory copy work_unit.sah and user_info.sah. In directory Unit 2 copy only user_info.sah, but NOT work_unit.sah. You would be processing same unit two times, if you do so.

4. Copy the Seti@home client to some location, I choose for example C:\Program Files\Seti@home

5. Run our monitoring client, on the options page select the Seti@home client copied in the step above and select the options you want

6. Add units, that are the directories Unit 1 and Unit 2

7. Control execution and check progress using our client

8. Please report bugs, if you find any (see below for details).


News! The SETI@home Keeper is freeware! You can download keygen here. But if you register our product we will be grateful (už nás fakt nebavilo posílat registrační údaje).

You can download the last released version of the Keeper here:

SETI@home Keeper 2.1.30 for Windows 2000/XP only! The package has 190 kB.

SETI@home Keeper is now freeware, please download our keygen (see above). But please register our program so we would know you are using it (see form below).

Note: The version for Windows 98/ME is not under development.

Available languages

  • English
  • Czech
  • German (under development)


Just download the zip file from our web page, unpack it to some folder and run the program! It is very simple, isn't? All files are checked against the virus infection.

Now, you can check for new updates directly from the Seti Keeper. Choose Program Update on the Preferences card options for details.

SETI@home Keeper Registration Form
Registration name:
Registration email:
Number of copies:

Please insert your name and email, we will generate unique Product Key for you and send it to the email you inserted. Then you insert these informations to the registration form on Seti Keeper start. You must insert these informations exactly else your registration won't be valid. Thank you for your registration!

Note: Your product key will be sent to you in 24 hours.

Bug report

If you find some bug or something like that, please report this error to the email:

Attach these files to the bug report:

  • log.htm
  • log.txt
  • progress.log

Describe the situation when the error occured. Thank You!


You can visit our main web page: and leave the message at the guestbook.